In an effort to keep wait times for a tattoo as short as possible, I only book my schedule 2-3 months out.  This means no year-long wait for you and a manageable workload for me,  which leads to a better tattoo.  Because of the larger nature of most of my work, this also means that availability may still be limited during booking, since some tattoos will overlap booking rounds.  If my booking is closed, the best bet is to get on my mailing list.  That way you'll be amongst the first to know when my booking re-opens.  

A couple of notes on booking:

- I won't tattoo hands or necks if you aren't already fairly heavily tattooed and are secure with the consequences of having hand or neck tattoos.  While definitely more generally accepted, many employers still have policies against visible tattoos and these tattoos can definitely be job stoppers. 

- 10x the previous statement for face tattoos. Unless you already have face tattoos, I'm not tattooing your face.

- I don't tattoo anybody under the age of 18. No exceptions.

- I make permanent tattoos.  I don't do piercings or henna tattoos.


If you've got any other questions, please visit my F.A.Q page.