About Me

Tattooer by day. Father, artist, musician, nerd, tinkerer, thinkerer by night.

930. ...or 25. Somewhere in there.

Part pirate, part scholar, part cyborg. All mutt.

Raised fighting in the pits for glory, he kick pushed his way out and made it to the stage lights. The time was fast and loud and spiraled into a dark cavern of 1's and 0's. He dove deep; transfixed until a decade later he emerged into the light on a wave of ink and flesh. He rode the tide ever higher through prosperity and love never knowing that the artifacts of the dark cavern were still lurking close behind, waiting for their moment to intertwine with the current that propelled him. Now that melding of futuristic vision and ancient ritual is at hand and opens the way for our Wizard.

Almost telepathic, Laser guided, Craft honor, Rabbit catcher

What's your name again?

Matt Hays